Brow by Mii 

This revolutionary treatment is the first brow treatment on the market that actually caters to the client making each set as individual and unique as yourself.

Exclusive to Jacquies....Bookable now 

Universal Contour Wrap

Let our Universal Contour Wrap help you get rid of those unwanted christmas pounds.

This effortless treatment will help reduce you by 6 inches after the 1st

treatment or you dont pay a thing!

What do you have to lose?

Opening Hours

Tuesday - 9am-8pm

Wednesday - 9am-6pm

Thursday - 9am-9pm

Friday - 9am-6pm

Saturday - 10am-2pm


Age Summum

87% increase in elasticity 

42% increase in firmness

50 minute express treatment

Youll love it.....Bookable now 

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